Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Smell Bullshit From A Mile Away

Couresy of Mario Piperni
Here's a hilarious debating technique that I've heard some far right conservatives use quite frequently lately.  When asked about why we should deny gay couples the right to get married, Rick Santorum has replied that "It's not about gay marriage, it's about religious freedom".  When asked why women should be denied medical coverage for contraception, Newt Gingrich has responded that "It's not about contraception, it's about the government intruding into our private lives."

When someone says that the debate isn't about what it's about, that's a pretty clear indicator that they're trying to mislead their audience with bullshit.  Then again, that might be my liberal bias towards rational thinking.  What a pesky socialist atheistic radical muslim freedom-hater I must be.  So to recap:

1) Giving gay people more rights would be a restriction of Christians' religious freedom.  And I suppose if you mean the Christians' long-denied freedom to beat up gay people free of consequence, you're right.

2) Giving women more choices would be intruding on the freedom of women.  Because more choice makes you less free.  How existential! *bongos*

Just making sure we've got that clear.  I'm glad someone's fighting to restore the theocracy that this great nation was built on.  I don't think I'll feel free until I have to get approval from the Christian church to make any choices.  

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