Monday, April 15, 2013


Two things I love and are extreme metal and J-pop, and they've now been combined in a controversial new act called BABYMETAL. Maybe controversial is a bit strong, but I've seen some very polarized reactions from American metalheads in particular over this ensemble. Basically, it's three Jpop girls fronting an extreme metal band (One lead vocalist and two backing cheerleaders who are mostly there for the cuteness factor).

It took them a few singles to get the mix down right (the style has thankfully shifted from Nu-Metal to Metalcore), but at this point BABYMETAL is downright badass. These two songs in particular point to great things for this group, and anyone complaining that this isn't metal clearly isn't listening. It's metal... with Jpop singers. And that cute little fox head hand gesture ^____^

First is "Headbangeeerrrrrr!", the song that really turned my head and made me a BABYMETAL believer:

Then their next single, "Ijime, Dame, Zettai", complete with a funky bearded prophet dude who looks a little like Fred Armisen now that I think about it...


  1. I've been aware of Babymetal for a while, but my reaction is and remains a nonplussed "oh Japan..."

    I'm not going to beat on the "metal must remain pure and tr00 kvlt!" drum; more power to them. But still, I'm inclined to give them a wide berth.

  2. Believe me, just because I'm loving the heck out of them right now doesn't mean I will induct them into the metal hall of fame. They only have a few songs out, one or two of which really are terrible. And the biggest problem with Babymetal is that they aren't really a proper "band", they're an idol group. That means the backing band could be swapped in or out on a whim (I think that may have already happened), and the group may cease to exist when the girls cease being cute. For the time being, it's a fun act to watch, and they give great interviews.

    Honestly, I'm using them as a placeholder for Maximum the Hormone, who have been on hiatus for several years. They've managed to fuse extreme metal and melodic J-rock/dance in a more organic fashion, and their album "Bu-Ikekaesu!!!" is a classic. I anxiously await their next album.

  3. Maximum the Hormone is actually a new name to me, I'll check them out.