Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On Chris Brown and Something About Music or Whatever.

Apparently the Grammys happened this year, regardless of their increasing irrelevance.  Then again, I shouldn't be too dismissive of them.  While nobody seems to really care about who got what award, everyone sure seems to care about how much other people hate Chris Brown. 

Chris Brown, by the way, is a woman-beater.  That much is not really in dispute.  He's also an accomplished and talented vocalist.  Certainly, he's not the first talented musician who has been arrested for beating their significant other.  Hell, name a felony, and there's probably a few well-known celebrities who have committed it.  For the most part, we hear the news stories and let them go.  Why do some people's reputations stick around?

Quick!  Name a musician who once assaulted their woman! Chris Brown... Bobby Brown... Ike Turner...  The only times that we tend to consistently identify a celebrity as evil is when they are a domestic abuser whose victim is also a beloved celebrity.  Do you think anyone would remember any of those cases if they had beaten someone that nobody heard of?  Nope.  But because we get all choked up about poor Rihanna, it sticks around.  I'm not saying Rihanna shouldn't have our sympathy, and she has certainly received it.  But why bother getting all sanctimonious about putting Brown on some sort of eternal blacklist when so many other celebrities don't get nearly the same coverage?

It's not like Chris Brown constantly writes songs about how much fun it is to beat up women.  And if I stopped ever buying CDs from anyone who's ever done anything I don't approve of, then I'd have to sell most of my music collection.  Heck, most of the time that people do terrible things, nobody ever finds out.  So let Chris pay off his debt to society like everyone else and let's move on.  Just don't go on a date with him.  And instead of sitting around concerning ourselves with the personal lives of celebrities why don't we just enjoy their art and live our own lives?

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